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Saying goodbye to a painting

It's a lovely feeling to sell an original piece of art but I have to admit to feeling a little tinge of sadness when packaging a painting ready for it's new home, knowing I won't see it again.
It may seem strange as a selling artist to say this, after all, my goal is to sell my artwork otherwise I wouldn't choose to put them up for sale; and I have sold many paintings over the years which have ended up in different parts of the world - I feel that each one of them holds a tiny piece of me. It always warms my heart to sell an original painting, knowing that someone loves it enough to part with their money so that they can own it or give it as a gift to a loved one. It makes me really happy and truly grateful.

But selling also brings about a sense of letting go. Sometimes a little tinge of sadness sets in as I say goodbye, as I package it up to send it safely on it's journey to it's new home, knowing I won't see it in person again.

So often two competing emotions arise—joy and sadness.

I said goodbye to another original this week. As I wrapped it, I felt gratitude for the joy it gave me creating it and asked that it bring joy to it's new owner. I said goodbye.